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 For Cellulite
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Cellulite water retention only represents you?
No, not just. Retaining water contributes to cellulite, but cellulite is composed and of fat and toxins, in addition to the water retained in the hipodermisa (the deep area of the skin under the dermis, which is rich in fatty tissues).

Is it possible to be thin and still have cellulite?
Yes, because the origin of the cellulite is hormonal and cirkulatoren (9 out of 10 women have cellulite)

Disappears you cellulite with diet?
Cellulite remains, even after weight loss, because it was closed in hipodermisa.

What is the "Orange skin"?
This is a term used to describe external signs for events taking place under the skin: walls, dividing the fat cells are deformed and strained their fastening points. This deformity makes the skin look the ripples.

If cellulite is fat, why doesn't disappear after exercise?
Fat cellulite is closed and cannot reenter the circulation, even when the body is given to their fatty reserves. The body needs help to remove barriers and to enhance the use of this fat metabolism.

Why does cellulitis often increases during pregnancy?
Hormonal changes observed during the period of pregnancy and following circulation problems create ground for appearance of cellulite. Read another review of weight loss in this page http://www.venusfactorscamreview.com

Despite a good diet and regular exercise, why with age often appears "anti-cellulite skin"? The skin loses tone with age. Subcutaneous network becomes more visible, thus giving the skin a type of "ripples", although the quantity of fats is not increased and no water retention.

Effective anti-influence treatment for personalized therapy

Targeted treatment to tone 3 main types of folds, 3 methods of stimulation of the skin

1. classic cellulite, figure "Hourglass", tight, young skin

2. densely build-up large amounts of fat, well visible "Orange skin"

3. loose, thin or delicate skin, pain, poor circulation


Action 1 | Against retaining water

Removal of obstacles (created by cellulite) Run and stretch the skin, stimulates blood circulation. Effects of valâcite and rhythmic movements contribute to the release of water and otpušvaneto the skin.

Action 2 | Against the "Orange skin"

Stimulates metabolic exchanges (prevented by cellulite) Walls, deformed by the volume of fat cells undergo "op?vasa" gymnastics through the action of valâcite and are stimulated by the movement. Become more flexible and no longer interfere with blood circulation. Skin becomes smoother.

Action 3 | Localized anti-fatty action

Improves skin toniziraneto (grooved of cellulite) at the same time, the fat cells are released from the squeezing. The volume of fat cells reduces and the deformed walls regaining its original shape.

Cellulite M6 key module is also a tool for. ..

Treatment for swollen legs

The veins get double treatment of Key module Cellulite. With the increase in the rate of circulation through the veins and skin elasticity, mobility and the pain gradually decreases and your legs feel lighter. In addition, they become thinner and improves circulation.
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